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Garuda Airlines

Assistance Upon Arrival

It is easy to meet and recognize us

Make sure you are landing at Komodo International Airport in Labuan Bajo (West Gate) or Frans Seda Airport in Maumere (East Gate). We are there! You would not be lost in this new world where you have never been before. PT Lintas Meridian Wisata / Meridian Tours has its basic professional procedure to anticipate and to reduce your confusion at the time you are landing on the island.

Do not worry! We have got your name

PT Lintas Meridian Wisata “Meridian Tours” is a professional management in tourism field and has professionally recorded every customer on its history of correspondence and booking. At the time you step out from the arrival channel, there will be someone call your name stands right in the arrival gate in traditional uniform dressed. Airport attendant will call your name otherwise holding the sign board of your registered name. We understand how you feel to hear someone call your name in the area where you have never been before or from whom you have never meet before.

While fail to find the staff at the Airport

At the time you step out from the arrival channel of Airport, you will need to seek for the staff of PT. Lintas Meridian Wisata or check your correspondent or voucher from the overseas agent whether your airport transfers are included or not. If you still find the difficulties in finding our airport assistance, please call the office at 08 123 848 899 (local call) or 08 123 684 1818 (texting) for further advise.

To identify Our Airport Assistance

Our Airport attendants has the detail record of every customer. It is visible in a welcome sign board. Find your name with the Meridian’s sign presented right in the front of the arrival channel at the Airport, and then see exactly both your name and our  MERIDIAN TOURS sign board. Then get the name of the staff and make sure they do have your list on arrival / check in list.

Customer Service is cordially ready to help

We know how important every point of our client’s need, this is why our English Speaking customer service is standing by to wait for your call through 08 123 884 8899  or 08 123 684 1818 (texting) any time to help in emergency and last minutes request.