Term and Conditions of Rent A Car

You are now dealing with PT. Lintas Meridian Wisata, known as Meridian Tours for a cooperation in renting vehicles and transportation means. All activities of renting car subject to the following Term & Conditions:

  1. The rental Company provides an experienced and licensed driver who   is in charge during a course of tour. (no self driving allowed!)
  2. Car condition and the year of made subject to availability based on the type of the car available upon booking.
  3. Fuel is included in car rental. Refueling during the course of tour are to be the responsibility of the renter.
  4. The renter agreed to entrust a copy of passport or other identity to rental Company during the course of tour.
  5. The rental Company has full right to reject any request to rent any vehicle for the reason of safety without mentioning it in detail.
  6. Rental rates are varied from 9 hours (half day use) to 24 hours (full day use).
  7. The renter will be fully responsible to any consequence caused by taking over or letting or giving the car to be driven by a person other than our driver on duty.
  8. It is forbidden to drive the car to outside the island without approval of the car rental company.
  9. The extension use of the car should be informed one day prior to the expiry date and time, otherwise withdrawal will be made in order to be used by another party.
  10. The rental Company has full right to report to the police department that the mentioned car is “LOST” if in 03 hours after expiry date and time the car is not shown and no any information of extending use. All risks and acts taken by police department will be the responsibility of the renter.
  11. Payment and Cancellation: The payments are to be paid in full and in cash upon confirmation of booking. One-day rental charge will be charged to the renter who cancels their reservation less than 5 hours/on delivery day
  12. Partly Used Rentals: No refund will be made on any partly used rental.